Realtors/Home Inspectors

For Realty Professionals

MEMA-Realty-Realtors.jpgWith nearly one million homes in Massachusetts relying on Oilheat, real estate professionals need to be constantly updated on the latest information when it comes to the benefits, services and technology of Oilheat and Bioheat® fuel; and be educated on the many misconceptions that surround the sale of Oilheated homes. Realty professionals and homebuyers have many questions and concerns about home energy choices and the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association is here to help.


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For Home Inspectors

MEMA-Realty-Inspectors.jpgThere’s a lot to look at when you’re inspecting a home. Home comfort (heating/cooling) is one of the homeowner’s largest expenses – and your clients look to you to provide knowledgeable answers about their equipment. The Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association is here to help.


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Buying or Selling Your Home?

MEMA-Realty-Homeowners.jpgIf you are buying or selling an Oilheated home, be sure to speak to your local Massachusetts Oilheat dealer. They can help make the sale of  an old home easier and can help you with questions and advice regarding your new home’s heating system and fuel choice.


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Move-In/Move-Out Services

If you’re a homebuyer, a seller or a real estate professional looking for help with an Oilheat system, you’ve come to the right place. Massachusetts Oilheat dealers offer a number of valuable resources, including move-in/move-out (MIMO) services, many of which are available free of charge. Ask a Massachusetts Oilheat dealer near you about any of these services: 

• Tank readings and tank reading reports

• Heating system evaluations and safety inspections

• Heating system upgrade consultations

• Automatic delivery contract and service agreement transfers


To learn more about Oilheat and its many benefits, contact your local Massachusetts Oilheat dealer or click here to find a dear in your area.