Additional Resources


MyBioheatLogo.pngMyBioheat.com is an informational website sponsored by America’s soybean farmers. Here, consumers can learn more about the benefits of Bioheat® fuel and what makes it a clean and sustainable heating fuel option that is good for both home heating equipment and the environment.


Oilheat America

OHA_Logo.pngAn informational website sponsored by NORA, specifically tailored to educating consumers on the benefits of home heating oil.


American Energy Coalition

aec_logo.pngFormed in 2008, the AEC is an organization that advocates for Oilheat fuel by representing Oilheat dealers throughout the United States, as well as manufacturers of Oilheat equipment and other businesses within the Oilheat industry.



nora-logo.pngThe National Oilheat Research Alliance provides funding to allow the Oilheat industry to supply more efficient and reliable heat and hot water to consumers throughout America. With a strong focus on consumer and professional education and improving energy efficiency, NORA looks to reach out to the public and highlight Oilheat’s benefits of cleanliness, safety, and efficiency, as well as a modern form of heating.