About MEMA

Promoting & Protecting

The Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) is a business trade association that has served the home and commercial heating and cooling marketplace for over 65 years. The members of the association provide crucial energy services to over 700,000 homeowners and thousands of businesses, contribute to the state’s economy and energy security, and are committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions with renewable liquid fuels.

Broad Representation

The association represents hundreds of companies across the state including retail marketers, wholesale supplier operations, and producers of clean, renewable biodiesel. Collectively, MEMA’s retail members store, sell and deliver most of the residential and commercial liquid heating fuels used statewide. Many of these retailers also offer transportation fuels and propane.

MEMA also represents licensed heating and cooling technicians, national and local heating equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and various businesses that provide products and services to the industry.

Our Mission

Implementing effective legislative, regulatory and government affairs programs and activities in Massachusetts and in Washington, DC.

Advancing the industry’s goals of dramatically reducing carbon emissions through the accelerated use of higher blends of renewable biodiesel, or Bioheat fuel in heating oil.

Promoting and protecting the business interests of members by developing and implementing effective advertising, marketing, and public relations programs.

Serving as a valuable resource and information base to a host of audiences including consumers.

Serving as the qualified state association for the National Research Alliance (NORA), a congressionally authorized program aimed at promoting heating oil, renewable Bioheat fuel, and energy efficiency; educating consumers and the industry; and developing meaningful research and development projects for liquid fuels and heating equipment.